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was no deadline but the police were fencing campers in. and the police chief said someone set a tent on fire. he says he thought there were public safety issue that's warranted this camp being fenced off to contain what he thought could be spiralling violence. they picked up barricades and walked away to cheers of the crowd, the chief says he ordered officers to move out because some protesters were agitated. and this was the capper of a an intense day. tempers are flaring at occupy san francisco. >> people who want to stay, can stay. i'm not stopping you from staying. don't stop me from going to mission street. >> your holding me up. >> the the general
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assembly. which has been voting two nights whether to move to this high school. >> there is a conkens shus process. if we don't reach it, it's not valid. >> a bitter rift exposed after seven hours last night. >> occupy residents believe there are a majority of people that would like to take advantage of the opportunity to work with the city and take this space as a safe space. >> minority. minority. >> they say without consent, the city will not turn over keys to the fenced-off high school. >> we'd love to go there. and keep movement fog on. even to take the stressful issue of being raided out of the way. so we can get the message out to 1%ers. >> he we want to be m the
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financial district. >> can the one who's want to go go? they say they're being held hostage. >> we'll have a plan with them, hopefully if they register with us. and official motive on what they want to do. i think we have to move everything together. i don't think we should have two camps, if you will. >> and barricades are on the other ends of the plaza we've seen people climbing over barricades. officers do remain here on the scene. it's peaceful but very intense. >> and there is word of an arrest in last month's shooting. police arrested this man on
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saturday. and say he lived in lexington. police say he was staying on november 10th when another demonstrateor was shot in the head. the victim was known as alex. police say he and the shooter had been fighting. the city cleared out that encampment shortly after the shooting. >> another occupy movement in san francisco sprung up tonight. and students held a rally to prove a tuition hike. and the students want to bring attention to 238% tuition hike at cal state campuses since 2002 z they want to cap csu executive salaries and bonuses. jant cruz police are considering options after an unsuccess afl tempt to clear protesters out of a vacant building.
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30 officers tried to clear the old coast commercial bank building but demonstrators barricaded it from the inside and linked arms to prevent police from getting in. officers pulled back to avoid a confrontation. >> and police are surrounding an apartment come ple.. this started with a huge high school chase today. the s.w.a.t. team cordoned off the 3100 block of high street. and laura anthony is live at the scene for use there has been no change in status here this, is nine hours plus into the search for the wanted parole. and this is west of interstate 580. the s.w.a.t. team tried to flush out the suspect. they did think he was inside of an apartment building down the street. they're not sure if he's still in there.
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they're checking all locations. tho-to-see where he is. and this started this morning with fremont police tracking the man to this apartment. and the man jumped into a stolen car and tried to drive away. he ended up here and this has been a nightmare for folk autos i don't know what is going on. from what i hear this is an apartment next to minl. -- mine. i'm trying to go home. tired. >> it's worrying when people in the community are some type of risk or inconvenienced. this is their home. you don't want the problems here, anywhere. but when it's so close to home. >> police say there has been some communication with the suspect and so have some
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members of his family, we're told. he's on parole and wanted on burglary and weapons charges. we're showing you the blockade here at 3200 block of high street. and there is no indication how long this might last. people are well advised to avoid this area. >> and to windy weather, damage from a gusty storm blowing through. 1900 people were out power around the bay area. and more than 25,000 people under the dark right now. mostly because of trees that came crashing down on power lines. and there is a community hit hard by gusts. >> right. this shopping center has been without power since 8:30 this morning. one down the road since 11:00 last night.
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for some, damage is more than just inconvenience. steve and mary are cousins suffering the wind storm. a redwood tree snapped and smashed through the roof of a family cabin built in 1946. they weren't home. >> this is the house for us. it's got history. you know? >> cathedral drive is lined with cabins and neighbors say damage depended on which way the wind blew. >> there is a little bit of shocked. but it's just grateful no one was hurt. >> when you look, it's amazing no one was hurt, you can see the weight of a falling tree crushed this truck. and officials say wind gusts on the ridge and many say it felt worse. >> this, windows were rattling like experiencing an
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earthquake. >> thousands are still without power, many businesses are closed and if they're open like this gift shop there is cash only. >> my things are okay inside but it's dark and cold. and i'm hoping pg&e will come by. >> crews are running from one downed power line to another. and there are 19 closed and some repairs will take longer than others. >> this is an easy section. we'll get it done. >> and this did not include rain. there was a wind warning and crews were mobilized and the company says it's working as quickly as possible to restore power. in scott's valley abc 7 news.
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>> and blustery winds caused all sorts of damage in the east bay as well. this store front was gutted by fire, you can see there is a steel fence, you can see pieces just peeled o and there is bart service disrupted also today. no one was hurt. and service restored around noon time. >> and gale-force winds up to 100 miles per hour. the worst seen in years blasted southern california toppling trees and cutting power there. take a look. that is los angeles international airport going dark. and there are winds caused damage. you can see a canopy collapsed
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in pass wra deana. there is a huge tree falling on top of it in the middle of a block of homes. so there has been a mess. >> the question is what can we expect? >> let's check in now with spencer christian. >> there are strong winds going to stay with us. we're looking at gusts around the bay area up to 30 miles per hour now in hawk eye. and fwufts 45 miles per hour. and oakland over and there are gusts 30 miles per hour. and down at sea level we're being winds now. gusts 22 miles per hour. 35 miles per hour gusts now at fairfield. there is 32 miles per hour at livermore, windy conditions remain with us throughout the evening. and we do expect a taper off a bit tomorrow. we'll return to calmer conditions and i'll give you
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more on that later. >> welcome change, thank you very much. >> and still to come a verdict brought former bart police officer johannes mehserle to tears. >> i'm man yet miranda. just when you're enjoying a lower sales tax, the governor wants to raise it. he wants to target high wage earners. >> and suspected altercation with a gun that landed a [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and save an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes accessories and home. no exclusions. that's an extra 20% off gifts for her.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. former bart police officer convicked of involuntary
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manslaughter will not face charges in another case. a jury rejected claims in a police brutality lawsuit against johannes mehserle and four other officers. vic lee is in the newsroom with the story tonight. vic? >> kenneth carruthers sued johannes mehserle and his co-defendants saying they beat him during his arrest in the fall. the jury rule that had johannes mehserle and his co-defendants are not liable for the claims including the use of excessive force. >> in this case the jury found officers acted appropriately. >> the attorney says johannes mehserle and four officers want to move on with their lives, now, the trial is over. the jury rule that had the police brutality claims made against he and the others were unfounded. jurors read the verdict, johannes mehserle was overcome with emotion, his eyes tearing. >> since the tragedy of january 1 he's been through a
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great deal. he's el still feels terrible about whachd. to have to relive this again in the form of a jury trial. >> carruthers was disappointed. >> this is just another example of thempks that we need to address that police need to be held accountable for the things they do within their job. >> carruthers arrested november 15th, 2008. he says his car was broken into in the bart coliseum station parking lot and officer as tacked him when he asked them why they weren't doing anything about it. he says he was hog tied, which is banned by bart police, but defendants disputed the claim. johannes mehserle wrote that carruthers was using profanity p making verbal threats. and said he was arrested when
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he became confrontation skbral aggressive. carruthers lawyer says police never looked at the videotape which could wo have documented what happened. >> what happened in court is how if the police were supposed to be in control of the evidence don't collect evidence that supports people who they're arresting they get away witness. >> in this courtroom were relatives of oscar grant. the bart rider johannes mehserle shot and killed new year's day, 2009. >> dinot think that he would get justice. i haven't seen a black man get justice whit comes to police. >> johannes mehserle's lawyer says his client has one remaining lawsuit filed by oscar grant's friends on the train with him new year's day and its pending while the ninth circuit court considers contested issues. >> and there is another deadly bart police shooting and
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protests that led to a controversial decision to cut cell phone service on a platt form in august. that drew angry protests for weeks and forced bart to clarify policies on blocking cell service which the board did today. >> san francisco civic center bart station today. a lesson and a shining example. making a call on the cell phone. >> this is where i cross the street. you can't dronl it. >> a freedom no one questioned until august when bart shut off service here. >> this is a ruling allows under narrow circumstances to with able to put public safety ahead. >> it earned the spokesman the wrath of free speech activists pushing the bart board into
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making a new cell phone policy, passed today. >> if faced with the circumstances in the future we would have not shut off cell phone service. we would go in n.and arrest the people about to commit the crime. >> and for some boort members it still isn't strong enough. >> policy is big. i think it's been purposely made vague. >> accord together fcc and aclu who had input, the policy is an improvement. >> it's a step in the right direction but again take twoz things. policy and implementation. >> considering bart's controversial two years, the longer it takes to test this guideline, the better. >> we opened the box. let's close it and say we won't do it. because we opened it we have to come up with a policy. >> there is bart describing this as being ground breaking. the answer is not proud of
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being the first to turn off cell phone courage but first to write a policy about it. >> and let's talk about the weather what. a wind storm its been something out there. >> and there is strong winds at the moment but peak gusts are behind us. there is a live view right now on to the bay. you can see winds are still strong. there is a look at gusts today. mount diablo, 77 miles per hour. there is 41 in san jose. and there is strong winds, gusts 22 miles per hour. 35 in fairfield. only 14 in san jose.
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so calmer there. it's mild out there right now. there are readings into 60s in most locations. 57 now in concord. there is winds tapering off tomorrow by after the noon. we have this dry pattern continuing throughout the weekend and into next week. our slight radar shows that two centers of pressure, low pressure to the south, high pressure to the north producing a tight pressure gradient here with a sharp difference of pressure. as we set our maps in motion, you'll see high pressure and low pressure pushing inland. that will relax a bit. winds ease up by late morning to mid day. we'll have calmer conditions and mild conditions as well. but not overnight. it will be breezy overnight and chilly in smots. lows into upper 30s in parts of the north bay.
6:21 pm
and inhand east bay, upper 30s. down in morgan hill there is a low of 37. santa cruz, 39. there is highs hike spring time, highs around 70 degrees in napa tomorrow. 71 in santa rosa. mid to upper 60s over the remainder of the bay area, gg to be a lovely, mild day. and there is a upper 60s in other locations. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is temperatures tapering off. by mid to late week, we'll see high temperatures inland around the bay and coast into 50s, thursday, highs to about 56. that will be highest. 58 ash around the bay. going to get chilly. that is a seasonal change.
6:22 pm
what we expect this time of the year. >> and next at 6:00 some save what they can. >> they could not stop the flames. we'll have the story as we continue.
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two people in critical condition after being burned when a fire broke out in an apartment building in the
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mission district. the fire appeared to start on the top floor of this building around 4:30 this morning. firefighters raised their ladders to the top floor to rescue residents. >> if this stuff burned i won't have anything to show. i'd have to start from scratch again. >> there are tenants have been removed from the building. >> red cross has been great and have put us on a big muni bus. we got coffee and snacks. >> investigators spent the day searching for what caused the fire. three other people including a fire lieutenant were treated and released for minor injuries. >> and residents in a house near the university of san francisco managed to escape a fire. investigators say the fire was likely caused by an electric
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fire in one of the bedrooms. all residents managed to run out without injuries. >> pg&e will pay for a christmas eve blast that killed a rancho cordova homeowners and more than $26 million pg&e and california public utilities commission agreed to in june. and cpuc determined they violated several safety laws including installing pipe that would not authorized for gas service. and there is is leaking that caused that explosion. >> supposed to be the final chapter in a mortgage scheme. still to come reports on damaging new allegations against a man who targeted desperate homeowners. >> and word is that california governor has a tax increase
6:27 pm
that would hit just about everybody. >> why america reached a defining moment against the
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a self pro claimed save yoer of homeowners is back in jail tonight. new allegations surface in a mortgage rescue scam. >> and there are some unexpected developments. >> today's formal sentencing has been decided in advance. the prosecutor dropped surprises today. and shocked both a judge and the defense. there are no cameras allowed in the courtroom. we got shots of him talking to his attorney. in a few moments the judge was expected to sentence him to
6:31 pm
time served. and this didn't quite work out that way. >> we put him back into jail. bail set at $45,000 to ensure he returns for sentencing date continuing on december 21. >> this report from a probation officer is what set him back. the probation officer wrote that it should be noted the defendant claims to be working in a real estate business saving peoples' homes. and he says he was earning $500 a month. he described that as very alarming. and there was more. >> in july there was a warrant issued on a probation violation for failure to appear. >> the prosecutor produced this evidence showing someone named alan david teakel filing documents in riverside and stanislaus counties. these are the documents he plead nod contest to using to
6:32 pm
falsely transfer property from the bank to himself. >> we were alerted because thanks to the coverage by channel 7 news and alerts, all law enforcement agencies have been alerted to the call. >> the key fence cried foul, saying the prosecution waited until today to spring it on everyone. >> the issue is due process. and that is still not a reason not to provide discovery. >> the defense pointed out his name appears on recorded documents but signature does not. >> so that is the issue. >> and how can it be attributed to him? there is no signature. >> she says other people have been acting on behalf of him without his consent.
6:33 pm
sentencing has been postponed and he could now face three years, eight months in prison and we're keeping track of this and will report back. >> and california lawmakers gaveled them selfs into a winter issue today. and the state tax revenues coming up hundreds of kblinls of dollars short. and now, the governor thinks people are ready to tax themselves out of the bind. >> holiday hop shoppers have been endoi joiing a lower tax rate. >> lower taxes for buying things is nice. there is a plus. >> but the days would be numbed and labor union sources say governor brown is readying a tax initiative to take to voters next year, details
6:34 pm
still being hahnered out, zuxz include an income tax hike on high wage earners and a half sent increase all of which will expire in 2016. the governor didn't wanted to talk about the plan after defending his pension reform package to form legislative committee. >> this is a pension day. union disagree was sales tax hike because it hurts the low and middle class. supports to stop further cuts. >> this is time people who have been benefiting make sure seniors have adequate care. that third graders have admit education. >> republicans think it will be tough when state government is perceived as still being bloated. >> what is the answer? more taxes, more taxes which will support what?
6:35 pm
more spending. more spending. >> another challenge is other proposals that may be on the same ballot. voters are confused or frustrated. one thing going is momentum. majority of local hikes passed in last month's election. >> u.s. senate expected to take test votes over competing plans over what to do with expiring social security tax. they want to extend and expand cuts and slap a tax on millionaires. republicans prefer to cut government bureaucracy. >> republicans said we'll come up with our approach, which is to eliminate 250,000 jobs in the federal government. >> mish mcconnell reply there'd is no reason to
6:36 pm
provide relief on those we're counting on. neither is expected to gain 60 votes necessity. senators are prepared to work on a compromise bill. >> several positive reports have analysts cautiously optimistic but one is tempering the enthusiasm just a bit. there is first, positive news. the orders placed and construction spending increased for a third state month. and retail and auto sales rose, several car makers posted double digit gains. number of people applying for unemployment rose for the first time in four weeks. and today's reports did not steam to sway investors too much. the dow jones fell 25 points with a huge gain yesterday. nasdaq finished up nearly six. >> and what could be a new
6:37 pm
dream home. >> grand opening for a company claiming it will revolutionize the way homes
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
a company promises to change the way homes are built is bringing hundreds of jobs to a city that certainly needs them badly. >> tonight we take a look at what is so different about blue homes and why the company is making home in vallejo. >> it's built like any other
6:40 pm
home. by skilled workers and what is different is where they're built. they're built in a factory. forget what you know about manufactured housing. this is different. >> we figured out build big, open sun filled space, followed it up, ship it to a site, unfold it blue homes president gave us this time lapse video showing how a home is unfolded on to the foundation. one homeowner so wowed she went to work for the company. >> the crane started to unfold the house. it was very cool to be able to see my kitchen cabinets there. the floors and fireplace. everything was already in the house when it arrived. >> until now, homes have been made in massachusetts but now, blue is opening a new factory in a building on n.vallejo that stood empty for decades. and the navy built this one
6:41 pm
for a purpose, it's long, tall, narrow, perfect for building submarines. turns out, also for house autos the way we manufacture is on escapes. hope is being constructed it moves down the line from station to station. >> the homes run from $100,000 up to half a million dollars. with 60 job to start and maybe more still to come, the mayor of vallejo says workers will be building more than homes. >> we have come out of bankruptcy, we're in the process of rebuilding our city. >> and as we continue tonight, remembering the 30th anniversary of the aids
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[ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and save an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes accessories and home. no exclusions. that's an extra 20% off gifts for her. all the greatest gifts for him. must have kitchen electrics for the home. and dazzling fine jewelry. save an extra 20% off all your holiday gifts. doors open extra early saturday. go to to see everything on sale. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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san francisco remembered the 30th anniversary of the aids epidemic today. hundreds ganlered at national aids memorial grove. some are alive thanks to medical break throughs in drugs and treatment.
6:45 pm
the ceremony honors doctors and nurses who opened the nation's first ward. >> there are a lot of thing that's we got wrong and then, we started getting things right. >> there are men living with the disease and are aging. >> we're seeing gung gay men becoming infected in their 20s. there are a lot of latino patients, african american paish yeents today marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of the grove as a permanent memorial to victims of aids and hiv. >> today, the president announced a goal of getting aids drugs to two million more people around the world by the end of 2013. 30 million people died from aids-related causes. the president is ordering $50 million here in the united states. >> great progress has been made in this country whit comes to children. the disease has been all but
6:46 pm
eliminated among kids. and cheryl jennings reports scientists says it has been reduced among adults as well. >> we have new data that tells us it keeps them health qee. secondly, it reduces transmission. >> the chief of the hiv-aids division at san francisco general hospital says this country is at a defining moment in the aids epidemic. and and proposed a policy. as soon as the infection is identified it's been adopted by san francisco department of public health. >> we lower the level and it's national renowned for adult patients. there is also great news about hiv infected mothers and
6:47 pm
babies. >> since the middle of the 1990s we've known how to prevent transmission from mothers to children. and this is almost eliminated in the u.s.. >> saying the number of hiv infected children overseas is a shockingly different story. >> world wide it's 2.5 million. a good 2.3 live in africa. >> and there is one community is 30% among adults if you're to be with friends and go one, two, three, one of you would be living with hiv. >> dr. craig cohen is trying to slow down the aids epidemic in kenya saying the u.s. recognizes aids overseas is a major health concern and a matter of national security. >> if you have large segments
6:48 pm
of the population dying that creates instability within a government. >> he is involved with a program called faces. the family aids care and education series. he's collaborating with a california woman who founded the first summer camp for hiv infected children in the united states. >> the first child was in 1981. when sure camp began we're seeing children not living beyond age three. >> i met dr. jerry brooks in the 80s. there were 150 kids infected. that number dropped to just 15. >> soits great so far seen a lot of younger kids being able to move into adolescence and now, some are having their own families and their children are hiv negative. >> the u.s. showed how good it can be. we dmot have to have transmission from mothers to children. it's preventable phenomenon.
6:49 pm
>> i think that we've done a fantastic job with adults in terms of providing access to treatment. >> with all of that knowledge there is still an aids crisis among adults in this country. >> there are 60,000 new infections last year, there are a million people living with the disease. >> doctors say there is no cure yet, that is why it's important to know your stat news meaning getting tested. >> there are tools can put a dent like it's going to require a vaccine or a cure. >> and there is breaking news now in contra costa county. a grass fire is burning and two local fire agencies are
6:50 pm
heading out to fight it now z because of high winds, it's spreading quickly. we'll stay on top of it for you. >> absolutely. and winds have been a problem all day. >> there is still a high wind advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning for bay area peaks and east bay hills. we can see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. and peaks and ridges. winds will be diminishing tomorrow. high temperatures stayed state wide tomorrow on the cool to mild side. and there is a winds calming down there are highs of 70 in napa and clover dale. 70 in santa cruz. mid to upper 60s into other locations. here is the accu-weather forecast. l are dry pattern holding into next week. we'll see extra clouds late next week ask will start to turn cooler. >> thank you. >> and a smiling row lando maclaine is arrested.
6:51 pm
>> gun charges raiders linebacker faces in his hometown in alabama. íkh@h@h@h@
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6:53 pm
join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, the ninth circuit court turns a decades
6:54 pm
old law on its head. why justices say some bone marrow donors can now be paid. >> new controversy over siri. the information you can't goat and surprise thing you can do with the app is coming up. >> and now a raiders trouble. >> big time trouble. >> raiders have to be furious about this. and and for firing a gun beside a man's head last night. the man begging for his life. maclaine smiled while officers took him away. nobody was shot but police say a man injured in this altercation drove himself to the hospital and was treated. maclaine posted bail and was released. raiders saying they're ware but have no further comment. maclaine supposedly in alabama to attend a funeral. he's injured now and sek on the raiders with 57 tackles
6:55 pm
and quarterback donovan mcnabb and the move came at mcnabb's request, hoping to cash on at the back end of the season now. cowboys and texans and bears made be interested. with a lock out over, back to business in nba. warriors opened doors today. and this is assuming it's finalized, games start on christmas day. warriors expected to open up at hoax, christmas night against clippers. the first preseason game home. the gm says don't expect big changes before they tip off. the new head skochz he fully expects this team to win the war. >> this is the culture has changed this, is a different room. it tells you that this is a
6:56 pm
different organization. and this is a different culture, we're taking pride in that with the guys that are going to be in uniform. they're going to notice it in z.times have changed. >> and chris ball doesn't want to go to the sell ticks. he wants to join carmelo anthony with the knicks. tiger woods is the tournament host this week for chef ran world challenge. and round one with tumble weeds ablowing. tiger played earlier brit got windy. the back spin here. set up of birdie. tiger with a three under 69. that is good this, is great. there is out of the rough here, check out the back spin for eagle. there is five birdies to start
6:57 pm
the day. seven in all. and there is three strokes heading to round two. >> that is scoring early. >> 30 miles per hour winds. >> yes. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> you can join the conversation about windy weather at 7 news. >> for larry beil and all of us, thanks for watching. we hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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d je 59ptio 1d by closhc c. this is jeopardy! please welcome today's contestants-- a law student from brooklyn, new york... a bank examiner from lexington, kentucky... and our returning champion-- a stock trader from chicago, illinois... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--

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